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The street where our accommodation was situated has a multitude of businesses, from large hotel complexes to single tale, open aired eateries. Our commute to and from the beach enabled us to survey the options of where to eat. A number of signs dotted along the street, advertising for the same place, had taken our eye. It turned out to be a little three table eatery, trading as a restaurant but looking more like a cafe. With its little twinkly fair lights, quirky hand written wooden signs, and colourful walls, we thought it looked just the ticket. We decided that tonight, we’d eat at the “ vegetarian and vegan restaurant”. Ok so we’re both meat eaters but we do regularly enjoy vegetarian cuisine. As neither of us had previously eaten at a specifically vegan restaurant before, and seeing as there’s been a lot of change in our lives recently anyway, we thought we’d go in there for something different…though not looking to convert! As we approach the open fronted venue, we notice a d


We landed into Krabi provence in the south of Thailand having watched an amazing sunset from the plane. I'd booked accommodation for 2 nights at 'The Morning Minihouse' to get us started. Even at £15 a night it wasn't the cheapest around. The room was a good size, the ensuite was clean, the breakfast turned out to be brilliant and the couple who ran it, Mr Oat and his wife, were amazingly nice. On our first morning Mr Oat recommended Noppharat Thara beach and took us there free of charge. It was a 5 minute ride in what can only be described as an interesting contraption, some sort of Samlor. It was a metal framed carriage with a side bench and a tarp roof, welded to the frame of a 125cc scooter. There was just enough space for myself, L and their little teddy bear like poodle (who also came along for the ride) but I'd seen others with 5 people crammed into the carriage. It turned out that Mr Oat was happy to take us anywhere we wanted within a 10 minute radius o


The 600 mile cycle to the south of France on a folding, small wheeled, Chinese disaster of a tandem bicycle called Tandy, had made the perfect practice run for the impending cycle to South East Asia. In truth we weren't actually cycling to S.E the time of writing it just sounded more adventurous. (Having said that, we are both very keen for a future tandem cycle trip and are thinking perhaps America.) For now though we were taking a more traditional approach and flying. Emirates kindly gave us 3 seats on the way out so we had quite a comfortable journey.  The trip in brief: 3 months, 4 countries; Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Myself and L spent a lot of time in September house surfing, doing logistical prepping for the trip and organising our 'life admin'. The latter according to the book L was reading 'the four hour work week', could be and should be something we outsource to a virtual assistant in order to free up our own time... Desp