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When it comes to warning signs, Australia has plenty and most of them appear near water. There are crocodile warning signs, stinger warning signs, stonefish warning signs, shark warning signs, the list goes on but here in York... there’s a warning sign that neither of us have encountered before!… Leaving Perth we’d headed east, taking the Crampervan on a tour around the Perth Hills before ultimately winding up at the Workaway we’d arranged in the Avon Valley. A couple of days into our Perth Hills tour we landed in York, obviously a ‘must’ for a couple of ‘Yorkshire wanderers’. As you can imagine the both of us had high hopes for York and first impressions were good. The architecture was fun, the stuff of old wild west cowboy films and distant music drew us towards a free open air concert in one York’s many grassy parks. Perfect. Unfortunately as we literally stepped foot on the grass to face the stage, the music stopped and the chap called over the mic to thank everyone for

65. PERTH & A MEGA SURPRISE...or two

I planned to write this blog post on our 2 1/2 hour train journey from Darlington to Kings Cross, London. What!? Yes L and I were back in the U.K! How did this happen?… Read on to find out. Unfortunately my blog writing plans were cast aside when L and I ended up sat at a table opposite a very chatty Indian couple who for the first time had been holidaying in the UK. More specifically, in the sleepy Yorkshire dales village of… Grinton! If you don’t know the area you perhaps won’t understand how hilarious this is but Grinton, all be it very nice, is the last place you'd expect two people travelling all the way from Mumbai to be visiting and especially without hiring a car to get there! Apparently there is a more than a once weekly bus service to Grinton and when we enquired as to why they’d specifically chosen Grinton, we got this hilarious response: “We looked online for nationwide youth hostel availability and Grinton had space, there was the least amount of information about