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But what happened next!? In the days and weeks which followed our 3200 Mile journey across the USA.  Starting where we left off: After rolling into St Augustine and grabbing a couple of triumphant and enthusiastically posed photos on the beach, we pedalled on down to Anastasia State Park for our last night of the trip. Unfortunately for us, the campsite was full, probably due to it being a weekend, the fact that we were now on the more populated coast and also probably because there appeared to be a music festival happening later that evening. In light of the above, we found ourselves taking a part in a real life Little Britain sketch: The stern ogre behind the counter expressed no sympathy when she repeatedly denied our pleads for a small patch of earth to place our micro tent… Her computer said no, and that was that! …This wasn’t the ending that we’d had in mind for our 73 day coast to coast trip across the states. Seven and a half minutes later a woman had jumped ou

91. DAYS 61-73! FLORIDA and THE FINISH! 3200 Miles!

22-25/Apr. Days 61- 64. Pensacola - Holt - DeFuniak Spring - Falling Waters S/P - Lake Seminole, Georgia.  193 Miles. HELLO FLORIDA! Neither of us could believe that we’d cycled all the way to Florida. It was just as surprising that it had taken us until day 62 to find a French style bakery, selling proper pain au chocolate! As we sat eating our pastries, gazing out a large window and mulling over the usual topics of conversation (accommodation options and milage) we watched a guy tie his two large poodles around the same tree we’d precariously leant a fully loaded tandem up against. The inch of handle bar end which supported the entire weight of the bike certainly wasn’t poodle proof, the kick from a grasshopper would’ve most likely caused our transport to topple over, so this was a disaster waiting to happen. L relocated the Flying Fox. Death by tandem for two cute pooches was off the menu. Over a burnt and gooey mess of campfire s’mores, our camp neighbou