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22/Feb Day 2. Santee- Pine Valley 33 Miles. Highest Elevation: 4000FT  Day 2. We left behind urban cycling for an uphill struggle through the mountains beyond San Diego. It was a baptism of fire.  A small five mile stretch of Interstate Highway (motorway) cycling was unavoidable and not something either of us were looking forward to but thankfully the shoulder was wide.  The unanticipated glitch: a week long cold snap typically coinciding with the start of our cycle. The result: stable 15-20’c temperatures, replaced with snow! More typically, this was a freak event (according to the guy who’d stopped in our cycle lane to shovel snow into the back of his truck, to take home for his kids). His story was backed up. Pine Valley was a tiny settlement, now full of news crews and they hadn’t come to interview The Flying Fox. Motel was basic and expensive but preferable to camping outside in the icy snow. (Photo above: Leaving Santee) (Photo above: Looking at the uph


Breaking up the flights from Australia back home to the UK, by pedalling across the big landmass in-between, has brought a headache of logistics but somehow plans have fallen into place. We now find ourselves sat in our Sand Diego motel room eagerly waiting on a phone call from reception to let us know when UPS have delivered our parcel.  Inside the parcel will be a bright orange, 27 gear, compact tandem with 20inch wheels. It’s been manufactured in the USA by Bike Friday and will be delivered just in time for L and I to hop on and start pedalling 3500 miles, west to east! One thing’s for sure, ‘The Flying Fox’ as our new tandem will from now be known, should prove to be a major upgrade from our previous Chinese crisis (of a folding 20inch wheel tandem) known as ‘Tandy’. (Check out the early blog posts). The lady on reception with the drawn on, inch thick, purple eyebrows had been most helpful relocating us to another non smoking room after our arrival. The new room didn’t


Our time in Australia has come full circle. Literally! This might leave you wondering what's next… L and I were wondering this ourselves until we settled upon a crazy idea which was born over a beer or two in the Australian outback. Family and friends, you might pleased to hear that we’ve decided to return home, but here’s the thing… We’re not going to be flying the entire way back from Australia, instead and in order to neatly bring to a close the time we’ve spent travelling, we feel the need to end as we began…  (At this point the penny will have dropped for our veteran blog followers, who’ll now be one step ahead of our more recent readership. Don’t fall off your chairs!) In only two days we’ll be flying out of Sydney and waving goodbye to Australia. We’ll have landed in Los Angeles and this will mark the start of our journey home. We’re going to tandem cycle across the USA!!! We’ll be spending the next 3 months peddling 3500 Miles, West coast to East, on a choice o

75. HOLY SHIT ***THE FINAL LEG*** 11 Months & 33,000Km circumnavigating OZ!!!

Crossing into the state of New South Wales from Victoria was a significant landmark. Although far less dramatic in landscape than some of the other state borders we'd crossed, in particular those in the outback, this border had zero spelling mistakes and meant that we were very much now on the home straight. G'day to the last leg of our big journey! A further 592Km (1410Km after all the beachy detours) and we would be back in Sydney from where we had started 11 months ago.  If we'd only stuck to the main road driving up this section of east coast we'd have missed a lot of the beaches and smaller towns which required short detours on spurs off the main road. Ben Boyd National park was one of those. Boyd's tower was under maintenance with part of the coastal walk closed off. We hadn't realised this until we'd walked 5 minutes to get there. For us this wasn't so disappointing, it was only a short walk and we'd decided not to pay the