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18-19/Apr. Day 57 & 58. Bogalusa - Poplaville - Journey’s End. 103 miles. MISSISSIPPI & "Run Forrest Run!" After a flying 26 mile ride into Poplaville, it was good morning Mississippi! A gregarious lady from the pharmacy managed to successfully guide us to her town’s only BnB despite spending most of the journey peering through her rear view mirror to check the tandem behind her was keeping up. The BnB turned out to be fully booked but the elderly owner had another room rental option in a house across the street. Whilst L waited outside babysitting The Flying Fox, I found myself needing to make up an excuse as to why we wouldn’t be staying afterall. The house was large but dingy, clean but smelt of must and in general, looked like it was stuck in a time warp. For the same price I thought we’d take our chances and rent a campground cabin a couple of miles out of town. We’d forgotten to ask for the wifi code so L had volunteered to nip back to the offic

89. DAYS 50-56. LOUISIANA! West to East in 7 days & all the drama in between.

11/Apr. Day 50. Silsbee- Merryville 52 Miles. Night at the Museum Louisiana had a disappointingly mediocre state sign but still, it marked the beginning of new, yet unknown adventures and also the end of our epic journey through Texas, 30 days to be exact! (Check out the previous 4 blog posts). We grabbed a photo which took a few attempts, setting the timer and running back into position, to get an in focus shot. This was mainly because L had been stood on an ant nest and so began jiggling around  uncontrollably, desperate to remove his socks and shoes. The main differences between the two states would prove to be a subtle change in accent (a stronger twang and more southern slang) and a noticeable increase in dog chases. There was no doubting that our trip so far had thrown some unique places into the accommodation bag for us to experience but Louisiana was about to go all out! We started with pitching our tent under a marquee in the recently waterlogged grounds of


4-7/Apr. Days 43- 46. Bastrop - La Grange - Gay Hill- College Station. 77 Miles. The emergency pick up. Bad weather had caught up with us. We'd barely set off from what had turned out to be a ridiculously over priced campsite with a bath house that you wouldn’t shower your dog in, (Lake Somerville Marina, for those wanting to avoid) when a biblical thunder and lightning storm started thrashing out overhead. A monsoon downpour began so we pedalled with the same dog escaping vigour, in other words like two crazies on a tandem, into a conveniently placed fuel station for shelter. There we waited. The vibrations from the thunder claps travelled from the ground up through our sodden feet and soon the daylight had completely vanished (solar eclipse style). We decided to use a lifeline. There was no ‘ask the audience’ so we decided to ‘phone a friend’. Actually we were phoning Kathy, a complete stranger who we’d met on the road a handful of days ago. Our paths had crossed d